My name is Tanja Drayton and I run The Bodywork Studio massage practice in Islington, London.

I trained in massage therapy, specialising in sports, deep tissue and pregnancy massage. I qualified in 2005 and work in London.

Working within the complementary therapy industry, I have been alarmed at how little regulation there is of the types of therapies that are offered and what therapists are able to advise and sell to their clients. There is often a certain amount of pseudo-science attached to some therapies and it seems very little peer reviewed and scientific research has taken place.

My own clients are surprised when I explain that I am aware there are people practising who either have no qualifications at all or have a qualification for one therapy, but add others without completing further courses. I have heard from other therapists over the years about how frequently it happens and how easy it is to offer a therapy you’re not qualified in.

I would prefer there to be stringent regulations in place to prevent people from offering therapies based on bad science, to regulate the quality of training courses and to make sure when you book a therapy, the practitioner actually has that qualification, but I don’t see this happening any time soon. The current government is more interested in deregulation and the complementary therapies industry itself makes a lot of money from pseudo-scientific therapies, so it’s not going to regulate itself very thoroughly.

My aim here is to educate you so that you can understand how your body works and why some therapies are based on flawed ideas. That way, you can make a better decision about your own health.